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Wednesday August 17th - Sunday August 21st 2016

2016 Exhibitor Information


The Brown County Fair would like to thank you for your support whether you are a new or returning exhibitor.  Please find the 2016 entry information, appropriate forms, rules and regulations below.  All documents are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to properly view documents.

The Brown County Fair is excited to announce that exhibitors will be able to enter their exhibits on-line in 2016 via our fair management software, ShoWorks.  Starting June 1, you will be able to enter your exhibits on-line via the on-line entries button on the Exhibitor handbook page of the Fair website.  The on-line entry process is easy and affordable with the on-line entry fee of $4.00.  If you should choose to enter via the paper entry form, note that your entry fee will be $8.00 to cover the additional staffing costs.  All stall, pen & cage reservations will continue to be completed and turned in via the paper form.  If you should have questions feel free to contact Ron Van Dyck at or 920-606-5120.


2016 Entry & Judging Schedule


Types of Judging and Ribbons

Brown County Fair Rules

County and District Fair Regulations

Wisconsin Animal Health Rules and Regulations

IAFE Code of Show Ring Ethics


On-line Entry Instructions

Junior Division Entry Form

Junior Division Additional Entry Form

Open/Senior Division Entry Form

Open/Senior Division Additional Entry Form

Kiddie Showmanship Rules and Entry Form

Camper Reservation Rules and Registration Form

Camp Sites Map

Overnight Permission Form

Barn Sleep Areas Map

Barn Daily Overnight Form

2016 Advertising Contest - Entry Form

2016 Advertising Contest Rules


Dairy and Beef Stall Reservation Form

Swine, Sheep and Goats Pen Reservation Form

Horses and Ponies Stall Reservation Form

Poultry Cage Reservation Form (JUNIOR)

Poultry Cage Reservation Form (OPEN)

Rabbit Cage Reservations Form (JUNIOR)

Rabbit Cage Reservations Form (OPEN)


Dept. 01 Dairy Cattle

Dept. 02 Beef Cattle

Dept. 03 Swine

Dept. 04 Sheep

Dept. 05 Goats

Dept. 06 Horses and Ponies

Dept. 07 Poultry

Dept. 08 Rabbits

Dept. 09 Dogs

Dept. 10 Animal/Veterinary Science & Small Animals

Dept. 11 Domesticated Exotic Animals--Llamas & Alpacas

Dept. 13 Cats

Dept. 14 Plant and Soil Science

Dept. 15 Flowers and House Plants

Dept. 16 Natural Science

Dept. 17 Cloverbuds and Exploring

Dept. 18 Cultural Arts

Dept. 20 Photography

Dept. 21 Computers

Dept. 22 Woodworking

Dept. 23 Electricity

Dept. 24 Mechanical Science

Dept. 25 Foods and Nutrition

Dept. 26 Clothing

Dept. 27 Knitting and Crocheting

Dept. 28 Home Environment

Dept. 29 Family and Child Development

Dept. 31 Communications

Dept. 32 Club/Group Booths and Projects

Dept. 33 Leadership and Self-Determined


Dept. 101 Dairy Cattle

Dept. 102 Beef Cattle

Dept. 103 Swine

Dept. 104 Sheep

Dept. 105 Goats

Dept. 106 Horses and Ponies

Dept. 107 Poultry

Dept. 108 Rabbits

Dept. 111 Domesticated Exotic Animals--Llamas & Alpacas

Dept. 114 Plant and Soil Science

Dept. 115 Flowers and House Plants

Dept. 116 Natural Sciences

Dept. 118 Cultural Arts

Dept. 119 Antiques

Dept. 120 Photography

Dept. 122 Woodworking

Dept. 125 Baking and Food Preservation

Dept. 126 Clothing

Dept. 127 Knitting and Crocheting

Dept. 128 Home Furnishings


Dept. 214 Plant and Soil Science

Dept. 215 Flowers and House Plants

Dept. 218 Cultural Arts

Dept. 220 Photography

Dept. 222 Woodworking

Dept. 225 Baking and Food Preservation

Dept 227 Knitting and Crocheting

Dept. 228 Home Furnishings

The Brown County Fair will be taking photographs and video during this event which may be used for future marketing purposes.
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